Enabling animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives


…enables shelters to share the lives of their adoptable pets through social media


Coming soon …enables shelters to turn social media storytelling into sponsorship revenue

is used by shelter & rescue group volunteers, socializers, and fosters

Those who interact most with adoptable pets love taking pictures of their furry friends. They use AdoptMeApp to bring stories to those pictures and post them to Twitter and other social media, bringing a whole new level of exposure to these pets looking for their forever homes!

AdoptMeApp is easy for the shelter volunteers. They don't even need to know anything about social media or have any social media accounts: Take a picture, type a few words, hit a button. Then this happens:

AdoptMeApp is currently conducting a pilot program in partnership with the Humane Society Silicon Valley and will be rolling out to more shelters and animal rescue groups in 2015.

is used by pet lovers who donate to support adoptable animals

Currently sponsors of shelter and rescue pets get almost no feedback about the animals they help support. SponsorMeApp turns that support into an interactive friendship. SponsorMeApp will be rolling out in mid-2015.


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Technology Hero Award

AdoptMeApp has been awarded the Technology Hero Award by the American Red Cross, Silicon Valley Chapter

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AdoptMeApp – Enabling animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives